A little about me...


As a certified Aromatherapist, I have  used essential oils in my healing practice for 18 years. Having an intimate relationship with these pure and powerful gifts of nature, I am  able to create custom blends for my clients that promote well-being within the delicate balance of body, mind and soul.

Working closely with essential oil importers and growers throughout my career,  I have taken great care to hand select over a hundred pure, therapeutic grade, and wherever possible, fair trade,  harvest conscious essential oils so that I can offer my clients a beautiful, well rounded essential oil apothecary. Single oils and custom crafted blends are available for purchase, or schedule an appointment to have some oils blended to suit your personal needs.

I believe that nature contains everything we need to live long, fruitful and healthy lives and provides not only  healing chemical compounds but  ancient DNA information our bodies require to heal. Plants contain potent chemicals that are profound medicines as well as vibrational qualities that speak to the matter in our beings and help us to re-awaken what is sleeping and restore balance to our bodies. 

Even though essential oils are plant produced they are powerful chemicals and require skillful knowledge in their use because the chemical compounds that make up the different essential oils pass easily and readily through the skin into the body. I  believe that everyone should have access to nature made methods of healing. 

Currently, I am deepening my knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy so that I can offer a clinical level of care to my clients. 

I love to travel, study, teach and create. I am an avid crystal collector and enjoy crafting custom pieces of fine jewelry. I enjoy painting and am an accomplished seamstress. Physical fitness is an important piece of my daily routine and I am often found skating or in the yoga studio in addition to my daily work out.
I am the proud mother of three amazing adult children. I love living along the beautiful California coast with my  2 precocious pugs.