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Product Development &

Signature Blends for your Business Space...


I am very happy to offer consultation for product development to create unique and proprietary blends, services  and  products  that are as unique and special as your business.  The opportunities for custom creations are endless. 

Custom Spa, Salon  and Yoga Studio products and services are a great way for your therapists, stylists, technicians and teachers to increase their personal revenue by creating delightful "add-in" services in addition to  increasing  retail sales for your business by allowing you to offer a signature product for your clients to purchase and enjoy at home. Together, we will develop services and products that will increase your client retention rate and will make you a sought after destination in the spa and healing industry. 

Healers in private practice; I can help you create blends that will deepen and expand the sessions you have with your clients. They will love the additions and become loyal clients.  Your aromatic offerings will become powerful adjunct tools that will amplify the quality of  the modalities that you offer. Your clients will be excited about the increased effectivenss of their sessions with you and feel their time and money is well spent.

I have several contract options and am open to negotiating a custom contract that suits your needs. Contracts include the product development fee, non-disclosure agreements for both parties, and a licensing agreement for the use of the proprietary blend. 

Contact me if you have questions or would like to start a project!