For Spa & Salon Owners

These classes are designed to help your technicians and stylists expand their menu offerings  in order to add variety for the client and increase their income potential.  The courses are designed to educate students about safety concerns, contra-indications, methods of application, how to select the proper  oils for  their clients, and of course, all the amazing benefits of  of utilizing essential oils in the health and beauty industry. 


Introduction to Essential Oils

  • I offer a wonderful novice class to introduce the use of essential oils in spa and salon services. This class is appropriate for all practitioners. Students will learn the safety issues and contra-indications for using essential oils and will be introduced to a handful of select essential oils that are appropriate for use by all practitioners. Students will learn basic methods of application as they apply to their designated field and will have the option to take home a sampling kit of the oils covered in this class to enable them to begin incorporating the use of essential oils in their services.  This is a 3 hour class and the fee is $255.00/student.
  • Essential oil kits are  included in the class fee.

Building a Working Essential Oil Apothecary

For Body Workers, Esthiticians, Stylists & Manicurists

Using essential oils during a massage, facial or "mani-pedi", can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your very skilled modalities. Essential oils bring in deep relaxation, warm the muscles, remove inflammation, relieve pain, help to detoxify they body and stimulate repair of skin tissue, brighten skin, promote regeneration, combat aging,  break down scar tissue and gently  wake the mind at the end of a session.

I teach this class in a series so that students have an opportunity to become familiar with the oils we will discuss in each segment and take some time to get feed back from their clients on the effectiveness of the oils that are incorporated into therapy. Students will learn the benefits of different carrier oils and how they apply to the different modalities and techniques as well as how they care for the skin.  

    This is a series  of 3, three hour seminars that are spaced 6 weeks apart to allow the student time to gain some practical experience with the oils. Students will learn safety precautions, contraindications, and application methods for each oil, including self care and how to prevent over exposure to high doses of essential oils as a practitioner. The cost of the class $255.00/student.

    • Essential oil kits are  included in the class fee ..  
    • Please specify if your attendees will be therapists, stylists, or mancurists. Keeping students tofether by focus makes the class much more effective. Thank you!

    For the Reiki Practitioner

    Learn my personal technique for incorporating essential oils into your energy/chakra balancing sessions. This class will provide training that will introduce a combination of 22 single oils and oil blends that associate with each chakra. Students will learn the energetic associations as well as the emotional and spiritual associations of the essential oils and blends to each chakra, how to determine which oils to use  and which meridian points to apply them to. The technique taught will offer practitioners a powerful, yet gentle full hour service to offer their clients. There will be lecture and practical application segments in this class, so that students have a personal experience with the technique.

    • This is a 5 hour class with a 30 minute break. Cost of the class is $395.00/student.
    • Essential oil kits are  included in the class fee .

    Advanced Students-

    Mini Apothecary Expansion Workshops- 

    These mini courses are designed for all service providers. As the  essential oil apothecary  expands,  so will the students  tools for creating enjoyable and desireable new offerings for the students clients which will inspire active client retention. Apothecary expansion courses are broken down into fun catagories that foster retention of information and inspire creativity. 

    • -What do all those terms mean?
    • -Learn about Lavender
    • -Citrus Oils
    • -Pain Relievers
    • -Anti- inflammatory Oils
    • -Relax
    • -UpBeat
    • -Deep Breathing
    • -Beauty 
    • -Hands & Feet
    • -Hair Care
    • -How to Create "Add-In's"
    • -Warming Oils
    • -Cooling Oils
    • -Florals.... to name a few!

    This 90 minute class fee is $175.00/student.

    • Essential oil kits are included in the class fee.

    I do have a wonderful facility for your group to attend classes in or i am happy to teach  in your Spa or Salon. Together we will decide the most effective option for your service providers. Please contact me to schedule a class or request a special topic class. I look forward to taking an aromatic journey with you!


    Create Custom Products & Services for your Salon, Spa or Studio

    I am very happy to offer consultation for product development to create unique and proprietary blends and services  to  that are as unique and special as your business.  We can develop services and products that will increase your client retention rate and will make you a sought after destination in the spa and healing industry. 

    Custom Spa, Salon  and Yoga Studio products and services are a great way for your therapists, stylists, therapists and teachers to increase theirpersonal revenue by creating delightful add in services in addition to  increasing  retail sales for your business by allowing you to offer a signature product for your clients to purchase and enjoy at home. 

    I have several contract options and am open to negotiating a custom contract that suits your needs. Contracts include the product development fee, non-disclosure agreements for both parties, and a licensing agreement for the use of the proprietary blend. 

    Contact me if you have questions or would like to start a project!