Initial Aromatherapy Consultation 

The Initial Consultation involves an indepth history of your physical, mental and spiritual health. We will spend time developing an aromatic protocol that will be unique to your needs and goals for creating a more substantial well being.  If you use the buttons below to schedule your appointment you will receive a Client History form. Please be sure to return that to me before we connect. 

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Skype or Messenger


Follow- Up Consultation 

On going aromatherapy care is wonderful way to utilize natures healing gifts to maintain your well being. We will review your current formulas and your experience with them as well as make adjustments to your formulations for optimal theraputic and esoteric benefits.  Come in and see me!



You will receive an intake form when you use the links above to Book your Appointment.  If you call 714.767.8675 for your appintment please click HERE for your form. Thank you!