The Apothecary Builder

"The Apothecary Builder" offers the  home user exposure and access to a vast collection of essential oils that they may not otherwise get to encounter. The class fee provides the  student a therapeutic sample kit of each oil that will be discussed duirng the class. The theme of the class can be selected by the hostess/host. The cost of this class is $225.00 per student for a three hour event.

Here are some examples of possible class themes:


  • -Learn about Lavender
  • -Citrus Oils
  • -Pain Relievers
  • -Anti- inflammatory Oils
  • -Relax
  • -UpBeat
  • -Deep Breathing
  • -Beauty 
  • -Hands & Feet
  • -Hair Care
  • -How to Create "Add-In's"
  • -Warming Oils
  • -Cooling Oils
  • -Florals.... to name a few!

Schedule a Class

To schedule a class please provice me with several dates that work for your group and a fairly solid estimate of how many participants there will be. 

Also, please let me know if there are any known plant allergies in your group. 


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